Department of Geomatics

The Department of Geomatics at the Czech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded in October 2013.

Geomatics is the science-based engineering discipline and the information technology that deals with acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of spatial data and includes applications such as satellite-based positioning, remote sensing, land surveying, photogrammetry, and geographic information systems.

The department provides tuition in the bachelor, master, and PhD-degree courses in geodesy (geodetic surveying, physical geodesy, satellite geodesy), adjustment calculus, mapping, land register, cartography, geographic information systems, and programming. Our research projects are mainly related to the precise applications of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems, development of the geographic information systems, digital photogrammetry, 3-D laser scanning, the theory of the geodetic instruments, and the development of the software (both proprietary and free GNU-licensed). The department cooperates with both academic and commercial institutions in Europe and US. It participates in international nongovernmental organizations like IGS, FIG, ICA, ISPRS, CIPA, and EARSEL.

The staff of the department consists of 30 people (professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and PhD students). The department is equipped with modern laboratory for the testing of the optical and electronic geodetic instruments, photogrammetric laboratory, remote sensing laboratory, astronomical observatory, and computer facilities which are used for both research and educational purposes.

The Department of Geomatics is a member of the Czech Association for Geoinformation (CAGI) a Czech Cartography Society (ČKS).