prof. Ing. Aleš Čepek

Position: Professor Emeritus
E-mail: cepek at
Phone: (+420) 22435 4647
Room: B-812


  • 2003 – Prof. – FCE of CTU (Adjustment and analysis of geodetic observations in the frame of GNU project Gama
  • 1997 – Assoc. prof. – FCE of CTU (Singular systems in geodetic adjustment
  • 1992 – CSc. – Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography; FCE of CTU (Implementation of Givens transformation for adjustment of indirect observations with sparse design matrix
  • 1978 – Ing. – Geodesy and Cartography, FCE of CTU (Triangulation on high targets with angular and distance observations



  • Adjustment of geodetic observation
  • Theory of errors
  • Applied informatics
  • Software development


  • GNU project Gama 
  • GNU project SQLtutor 
  • New global solution of Earth orientation parameters from optical astrometry in 1900-1990 (member of the team, team leader Jan Vondrák, Astronomical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences. The project was awarded the prize of Czech Academy of Sciences in 2000),  
  • Implementation of S-JTSK (project of refinement of Czech national coordinate system S-JTSK based on global positioning systems’ observations, member of the team, team leader Jan Kostelecký, 2012)