Department of Geomatics

Borders are a spatial phenomenon, influenced by a number of aspects, mainly territorial-administrative, power and ideological, ethnic, religious, cultural or mental. New borders are continuously emerging, changing, disappearing and interpenetrating in layers. Understanding the subject of borders in terms of their identification, i.e. their temporal, horizontal and vertical layers, together with their clear orientation in space, is very difficult for the public and many experts, both domestic and foreign.


Prof. Ing. Jiří Cajthaml, Ph.D


1.3.2023 – 31.12.2027

Project characteristics

The main aim of the project is to create a concept of basic groups of borders and border changes in the Czech lands with a link to the Central European area from the Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century; to process basic files of individual types of borders; to analyse, compare and interpret the obtained data; to make the results of the research available to the lay and professional public, including the educational sphere, and thus to provide a comprehensive picture of borders and their changes. National and cultural identity in history and archaeology. The proposed project will be addressed within five thematic modules. Borders as a reflection of territorial governance, power ambitions and conflicts; III. Borders as a reflection of ethnic, linguistic and cultural anthropological specifics; IV. Borders as a reflection of historical specificities and anomalies; V. Borders as a reflection of the diversity of opinions in contemporary society. The main application outputs of the project will be a set of interactive specialized maps with specialized content, an exhibition with a critical catalogue and a specialized public database, complemented by publication outputs (monographs, professional articles and conferences).