Department of Geomatics




Head of Department
Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
Vice-Dean for International Relations
Head / Editorial Office of Civil Engineering Journal
Member of Scientific Council
Head of the Photogrammetry Laboratory
Deputy Head of Department
Cartography & GIS
Deputy Vice-Dean for Education - Geodesy, Cartography, Geoinformatics, Metrology, Geomatics
Member of Committee of Acadamic Senate
Timetable manager


Property manager

Karolína Malečková

Administrative manager

Romana Pavelková


Remote Sensing & GIS
President of ISPRS

Associate Professors

Programming & Software Development
Remote Sensing & GIS

Assistant Professors

Photogrammetry & Building-Historical Survey
GIS & Software Development
Remote Sensing
Stavební obzor – redaktor
Programming & Software Development
Graphic Systems & 3D Modelling
Mapping & Cadastre

Vědečtí pracovníci

Cartography & GIS
Photogrammetry & VR
Stavební obzor – redaktor
Photogrammetry & 3D Modelling
3D GIS & Visualization


Jiří Emler

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